Anthony Farkas solo piano entertainer

I give nice piano performances throughout the evening.

Listen to your old-time a hits in my presentation. From my wide repertoire I play classical music pieces, today’s hit songs and music from various genres, as well.

Guaranteed quality

Based on my taste in music and knowledge, I provide a demanding and heart melting performance every time, according to the needs of the audience and the client.

Youtube channel

If you visit my YouTube channel, you can meet with my newest uploaded musical performances.

Vicki van Tassel Cruise Director
Josh Macey Singer
Valentino Petz Guitarist

“ I worked with Anthony on Viking Ocean Cruises. He is such an incredible talent, not only did he create a highly rated jazz performance but was also continually creating new styles of performances including musicians and singers on board - each new perfor-mance he brought a uniqueness, individuality, creativity that was a true pleasure to our guests! We were always watching to see what he would create next, and he continually had the audience in the palm of his hands. What a treasure! ”

“ Anthony is a fantastic musician with a vast knowledge and understanding of many genres. I worked with Anthony on lots of projects including choir, concerts and a Christmas show which he not only played so well but also created the full arrangements. He was able to bring all of my ideas to life and I enjoyed every moment I was working with him. ”

“ Anthony is not only a very talented piano player controlling his instrument flawlessly in many styles from classical to Latin-jazz, but also an easy going , humble guy, easy to work with. He has all skills for any kind of professional musical project, and excellent attitude, it's a great pleasure to have met him! ”

A little taste of the performance

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and the event's music is guaranteed to be a lasting experience with my piano.