I try to interpret more musical genres in a colourful way combining classical and popular music together and make the audience’s heart warm with my productions.

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Who am I ?

My name is Anthony Farkas and I’m from one of the most beautiful capitals of Europe, Budapest, Hungary. Music is very important to me since my childhood, as I was born into a musician family – so I grew up with music on my side. In my family there are guitarists, cellists, singers, and both of my grandparents are violinists, as my dad and sister are.


I chose the piano as my main instrument, and I was told to be talented in playing piano and solfeggio. Solfeggio is the mathematics of music, which helps one in learning and understanding of music. I have ended my high school studies with this subject, and that time I was really into jazz music. I have been always listening to jazz musicians with huge enthusiasm like Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans, Michel Petrucciani and Herbie Hancock. I have decided that besides my classical music studies, I will learn jazz music, so I had been learning these two genres together at a time.

After matriculation, I have successfully admitted to the Eszterházy Károly University, where I got two degrees in teaching music. I feel myself lucky, as I was able to learn from the most known Hungarian professors of music. In addition, I have learnt at a noted university in Spain for a whole semester. I have participated and won numerous music competitions, among them the Luigi Denza International Music Competition in Italy and I took first place at the XXXI. National Council of Student Research Societies in Hungary. During my university years I co-operated in many musical projects. I was the pianist, director of chorus and arranger in the theatre of Eger, Hungary. It always made me glad when the music on the stage was played after my instructions. Beside this, I have played the piano in many five-star hotels, and with my productions, I was able to entertain at many high-toned evenings.


As I love to bring joy to people with my music, I have decided, that after my university studies, I am going to be a pianist entertainer. I have applied to be a resident pianist at the Viking Ocean Cruises and they offered me a contract right after they heard me playing the piano. People could enjoy my music from all over the world, and I got several positive feedbacks, that made me happy and more passionate about my job. In addition, I had the opportunity to visit many countries, so I could return to Hungary with unforgettable experiences.

During my classical music studies, I had been playing various popular music genres too, which made me more versatile in the world of music. I play mainly jazz, Latin – American and pop music, but European music genres stand close to me, like French chanson and Spanish flamenco. When I play the piano, I try to interpret these musical genres in a colourful way, combining classical and popular music together. My aim is to follow this musical perspective and make the audience’s heart warm with my productions.


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